Image Compression Technique Beyond Online solution

Hey folks! I’m exploring options for compressing images without losing quality actually I was using for compressing my image it is good in compression but aside from online application solutions I need some software solution, are there any specific techniques or strategies you’ve found effective for reducing image file sizes while maintaining clarity and detail? Then please suggest me, that may really appreciate.
Thanks in advance.

Why do you want more compression? Loading speed of websites?

Yes, but not only for speed of websites it’s related to memory and size.

Just don’t send them to me to print. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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At some point I used this plugin for Photoshop TinyPNG – Photoshop Plugin
I remember it having what you are looking for, but I stopped using it for some reason even before I stopped using Photoshop (now on Affinity). I manage loading speed with progressive jpgs and by using web tools for example for incremental loading.
Why is memory/size a separate or additional issue?