Image manipulation

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Light sources took away all credibilities.

Oh, I dunno Eriskay. It all depends on where the lightning reaches. It’s really hard to draw lightning (or tree branches) that are coming at you. That one on the right adds credibility.
The lightning on the left could be going to the back.
Except for the face. It’s not obvious if the wings fold behind her head, but could, otherwise the face would be in shadow.
I dig it.
(I spent a whole rainy afternoon in college on the 4th floor of the library, in a window seat, looking out at some tall oak trees, learning to draw tree branches head on. It is still one of my downfalls. My eyes still want my hand to draw them going sideways, when they don’t.)

I could be a little more convinced in the absence of the lightning bolt. Given light travels at 300 million metres per second, it cannot not have an instantaneous effect on the overall lighting. Look at the lighthouse, then at the lady with the wings.

By the way, that has to be a tall lighthouse.

Or a low ground fog.
It’s a fantasy image.

As fantasy artwork … I like it :slight_smile:

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Like it too!

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