"Imagine with Meta AI"

And it looks like Meta (Facebook’s parent company has joined in the AI image generating game)

The scary thing is " Meta used 1.1 billion publicly visible Facebook and Instagram images to train the AI model".

I gave this it’s own topic :slight_smile:

I read the article and tried to access the site, but you need to create a Meta account that is a new account from your FB or Instagram. I’m not feeling compelled to do that just to try.

EDIT You do not need a new account … just an ok to go in with your FB or Instagram. I read it wrong :wink:

It looks to very similar to the rest, they just narrowed down their reference pool. I can’t say I’m surprised.

What I do find funny is given the amount of AI images posted daily on Instagram … “Imagine” is going to be training itself on AI imagery at some point, if it hasn’t already. :grin:

I thought I’d see how well Meta’s AI image generator drew hands, so I asked it to create a bunch of them. The results look like something found in formaldehyde jars at a medical horrors lab.


They all seem to slowwwwwly be trying. It just kills me that it can learn and duplicate intricate features of a face, cat, dog, car, train, even needlepoint and delicate filigree gold, but can’t handle 4 fingers and a thumb, even in cartoon form. It struggles horribly with feet from my experience as well. I think I mentioned how it was all but impossible to create a Centaur. It just couldn’t figure out where the legs went. They would be coming out the neck … under the belly of the horse. It didn’t realize there were NO human legs. It was a hot mess for everyone trying to get anything close :wink:

Now I might have to sign up to do an experiment with NightCafe vs Imagine :stuck_out_tongue:

This is interesting. I think Imagine may have edged ahead a tad. I used the prompt Holding a red Christmas Ornament for both and here are the results.


  • I’m actually shocked at how nice the hands look.


  • I used the basic generators. I didn’t use any of the new bells and whistles

I do find it funny that Imagine is watermarking their images :wink:

Ooh … I didn’t realize Imagine created more than one image until I happened to scroll a bit!