Imitating Bauhaus style

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to imitate Bauhaus style, I found a poster online which I tried to make similar.

Here is my work:

And here is a link to the poster I’m imitating:

Your feedback is mostly appreciated


Like all the other posts on this topic, it isn’t enough to find one example and “imitate” it.
You need to be researching what made an art movement what it is.

In fact, you haven’t imitated anything. You’ve copied it. What you’ve done would be considered copyright infringement. Changing/moving 3 elements does not make it yours.
I would fail this one in one second if I were your instructor.

Also you guys need to be posting these in the Student Forum. You need a really heavy sweater for the Crit Pit.

We’ve had, what, three different historical poster designs added for critique over the past day. I assume they’re all from the same college design class, right?

This is totally fine (we’re glad you’re here), but it would really help us help you if we knew up front that you were students and what your assignment is (a creative brief of sorts). When you post something here in the crit pit you’ll have a bunch of professional designers critiquing your work from a professional standpoint, which might be inappropriate given your assignment.

For example, if your assignment is to copy and make changes to a poster from the past that was part of a major design movement, OK, fine. Maybe that’s a legitimate assignment to instill in students an appreciation of historical design styles. It wouldn’t, however, be an assignment you’d ever be given in a professional situation.

If you want your work critiqued appropriately, it would really help to spell out your assignment to us and post your work in the student section (either that or clearly identify yourselves as design students). Otherwise, you’ll end up getting ripped to shreds over professional job concerns that have little to do with your assignment.

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For what it’s worth, all these student poster exercises are coming in from Saudi Arabian IP addresses, which might help explain some of the communication and spelling problems. I would likely run into even worse problems if I needed to design an Arabic poster and place it on an Arabic design forum to be critiqued.

I just wish that people would provide context for what they post here sometimes. Otherwise it turns into a guessing game with lots of wrong assumptions and misplaced advice.

Anyway, I’m moving them all to the student forum where they belong.

I’ve seen the school website (it was on a poster here recently.)
Teaching English is part of the curriculum. I wish the students had posted that info with their classwork design briefs.

It was an assignment that the collage made us do
And it was about imitating others designs/style and they gave each one of us a different movement that we must imitate

Also, they told us to not post it in the student section and we must post it in the crit pit section

Thank you for the explanation, Shroog4244.

Everyone in your class is welcome here, but it was a little bit confusing to all of us not knowing what was going on and not knowing enough about your assignment to provide the kind of comments that might have been the most helpful to you.

Despite what your instructors prefer, this kind of student work belongs in the student forum. It helps us give better feedback when we know we’re conversing with students instead of working professionals.

Um, that poster you’re imitating is in itself an imitation … and doesn’t seem to be an authentic poster of the Bauhaus period.

It was the horrible manipulation of the glyphs that made me suspicious of not being of the Bauhaus period, plus some minor details as well…

And sure enuff …

So now we are looking at yours … an imitation … of an imitation … of a period Bauhaus. And it is becoming further and further removed from the actual >strict< Bauhaus design principles.

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