Import invoice layout into EXCEL?

Hi everyone!

Yes, you read that right :smile:…Excel!

I have a very stubborn client, she wants me to replicate an invoice layout in Excel…
I designed the layout in Ai and recommended using an interractive PDF, unsuccessfully.
I told her that all the formulas can be applied in the same manner, drop-downs will work etc…No go.

So here I am trying to import my layout into Excel and nothing seems to work.
I tried setting it as a background, importing an image and sending it to back, but when I do that, there’s no “send to back” option.

I’m curious, how do you guys deal with interractive invoices? Is there a workaround? What am I missing?

Tnx in advance,


It’s gonna stay that way.

You have to build it anew directly in Excel.

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DUCK!!! Thanks for your input. …crap… :joy:

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