Importance of history and culture in design

How is understanding the historical and cultural contexts important to a design?

Same as learning the history of anything else.

Are you just posting questions you’ve been asked in college here so you don’t have to erase arch them yourself? If so, you’re missing the point.

Without context, most everything is meaningless.

‘erase arch’!!

Well, it made me laugh Sprout, but I got it. :slight_smile:
Yup, sounds like an exam question.
To the OP, why don’t you tell us what you think, then we’ll comment.

Sorry about asking such dumb questions​:pray:t3:I was desperate. I didn’t think things through and simply wanted a quick answer.:pensive:

I’ll take my time and try to find the answers for these myself

A simple dumb answer is: “History often repeats itself.” Think about that one for a while as you are researching.

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