Importing assets from Illustrator to Figma question

Hi there,
I’m not sure if people here use Figma much but I have a question about importing assets.

Does anybody know if it is possibe to import an illustrator artboard with it’s images over to Figma? I’ve tried copying and pasting from Illustrator > Figma. And I’ve also tried saving the artboards out as an svg and dragging dropping it into Figma. None of these methods are working for me. Does anybody have any suggestions? thanks : )

I’ve never used Figma. But there are multiple ideas for how to get Illy files into Figma, according to a simple web search. One involves using Adobe XD. Another uses Sketch.
As with all cross software imports sometimes it works, other times there are cleanups that need to be made. At some point one has to ask if it wouldn’t be faster to recreate in Figma.

Yea, this seems to be an especially complicated task as I need to import it as accurately as possible without adjusting the masking positioning and artboard positioning. It basically needs to be an exact export. :frowning:

Importing the artboard into Sketch was unsuccessful for me, but i haven’t tried Adobe XD. Will try that in a bit and see what happens.

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