In need of a logo designer!

i need someone to help me create a logo with no charge

The forum rules prohibit asking for free work. If you’d like to post a note in the classified section and offer to pay for it, that would be fine. If you want to take a stab at a logo, post it in the crit pit and ask for feedback, that would be okay too.

What isn’t okay is asking professionals to do for free what what you’re too cheap to pay for.

On second thought, I’m not okay with you posting anything here. I’m locking your account.


I need an accountant to prepare my taxes with no charge.

I need a dentist to give me a checkup with no charge.

I need a restaurant to prepare me a meal with no charge.

I need the cable company to give me internet access with no charge.

I need the coffee shop to give me coffee with no charge.


That last one. Definitely.
Counting the minutes to lunch so I can go get a coffee. Sooooo dragging this morning.

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You mean like a logo of a neutron?

Words fail me.

hi. maybe i can help u
what do u need ?


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