In The Time It Takes To Get There by Adobe Creative Cloud

“In The Time It Takes To Get There” is a celebration of individual creativity and testament of the success of Adobe Creative Cloud & Pereira O’Dell’s unique approach to branded content that puts the consumer in control.

Last year, Pereira O’Dell launched a nationwide competition for college students to create a movie poster for a film that had yet to be created – until now. This is filmmaking in reverse! The winning poster, created by Boston University student Sam West was selected out of more than 1,100 submissions, and inspired “In The Time It Takes To Get There,” a short film created by cult-favorite actor, comedian, and filmmaker Zach Braff – his first creation under his new representation of RSA Films.

This hilarious look at 19th century social influencers stars Alicia Silverstone, Florence Pugh, Andy King and others.

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The little hand holder about killed me LOL :smiley:

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