Incentives for Design Competition Winners

I’m part of a college-level design club. We are planning on having a poster design competition for all the students (design and non-design). We’d like to provide incentives to the winners. It’d be great to have ideas and suggestion thrown here. Thank you!

Well, a cash prize is always nice.
If you can’t do that, I suppose food?

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Do you have money to provide an incentive?
What’s the poster for?
An event? Free tickets works.
Your name in the school newpaper?
Your photo on the school message board?

Working for “glory” ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve entered a few contests in my time where the prize was something I wanted, like gift certificates for computer-related items or fishing tackle. Food would work too. I’ve done design and signage work for free food on occasion (it was good food too!)

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In addition to a new Porsche 911 and a week in Bora Bora, prominently displaying the winning posters at the school is obviously needed. Lot’s of mentions in the school’s social media accounts is needed too. If the school or department has a newsletter or alumni newsletter, a write-up with photos needs to go there too. Most colleges have giveaway shwagg of various kinds — hats, t-shirts, thumb drives, etc. — that would be available (ask the schools marketing or development officer). For that matter, if the college has a marketing person, that person will likely be looking for things to promote — this could be one of them.

Geeech, what am I thinking. Up until a few months ago, I was the marketing person at a university. I would have loved to have something like this to promote.

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Depending on the demographic: maybe a box of generic beer or craft beer if they’re a bit more fancy :beer: :thinking:?

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Yes, cash prize is possible. Thank you.

Thank you. Will think about them!

We’re too young :frowning:

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Yes, definitely the Porsche 911 for a poster.
We will be posting it on our social media account and circulating it via our webmail.
Thank you so much for the ideas!

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