InDesign 2019, please request a bug fix

Even if you like the new feature, please go to this adobe website and tell them to add a global “Turn it OFF” button.
The new “adjust layout” resize feature is ON BY DEFAULT. So every time you change a doc setup, change the margins, or do a couple other file modifications, the artwork is automatically scaled.
Needless to say, this adds time to production work flows (unchecking the button) and can lead to expensive sizing errors.
Please tell them to fix it by patch, not wait until the next update.


100% agree. I hate, hate, hate that I can’t turn it off ir disable it and that it defaults to being on. So any time I change the size it usually goes something like this:

(changes size)

Me: Crap, stupid auto adjust.

(cmnd-z to undo size change)

(bring up dialogue to change size, uncheck box for the thousandth time and continue to mumble how stupid it is that it does it by default)

That’s the scene playing out in thousands of press rooms around the world…
After the fourth time this morning, the language was stronger than “crap.”

It’s weird that this doesn’t appear to affect me. I know the feature. I’ve read all about the trouble it’s causing. I voted for a fix in the feedback thread. But I can’t seem to reproduce the issue at my desk.

I’ve confirmed that I’m running the latest build of InDesign, and I have the Adjust Layout features in all the prescribed places, but it’s not on by default, and does nothing “on its own,” by default or otherwise, in existing documents or new.

In my workflows, I just about never change page size, but I do change margins and columns a lot. Of course I’m happy to be exempt for whatever reason, but its unsettling. 'm’I missing something? Could it be Mac-only?

Right now it’s only happening for me when the doc size is changed or when the Margins are changed under “Layout.” That Layout thing is where the biggest problem is.
Considering I have to change the doc size by as much as 12" on some big things, that can be a problem


Yeah, I call up that dialog all the time, and I don’t think I ever remember Adjust Layout being ticked. Like I said: weird.

I just updated Indesign 3 days ago. Maybe you have an older update.
This is 14.0.1

Same here.


There’s no x64 on mine.
Likely they just broke something doing the Mac porting.

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