InDesign: Centering Table Outside Text Box?

When I extend my column width in Indesign, it pushes the table outside the right of the text frame, whereas I would prefer it push out from the center.

Normally I would solve this by setting it as an anchored object > custom but oddly even when I select, copy, and paste the table back into the text frame, it does NOT seem to read as an anchored object.

What I did was created a blank anchored object and pasted the table INTO it, and this allowed me to format it. However, in the past I have been able to use a table as an anchored object itself. Did I do something wrong this time around?


So, you want the table to go outside the paragraph bounding box, but from the center, correct?

If so, I would anchor a second text box within your main text box. That anchored text box can then have the table placed in it.

Hmm, looking back, that is what you did. I don’t see that as being wrong.

FYI, you have a typo in your copy.

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Just put the type cursor beside the table. And centre it.

Tables behave just like a text character.

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Well, at least I was on the right track. Somehow I got it work last night after fiddling around more. Bizarre.

I am a terrible speller. Thank God for spellcheck and proofreaders. :sweat_smile:

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