InDesign document "access denied"

Just upgraded to Creative Cloud yesterday, god help me. Single user license, don’t work over a server and I’m getting an error message on a doc I made last week

“This file is already open by another user or another application. This file may be stored on a network and cannot be opened until the other user closes it”

. There is no other user, there is no other application and there is no network. Windows 10. Anyone have any idea what’s going on? Thanks!

Adobe sucks?

Sorry, not very helpful. Just venting a bit as I’m not a fan of the CC model.

Preaching to the choir my friend.

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is the folder on your local drive? Look in the folder and see if there is a temp file in there that starts with a ~ and ends in .idlk (that’s what it is on a mac, might be different temp indicator on PC)
Delete it and try again.

Hit view> hidden items and got nuthin but thanks for the suggestion, appreciate it

Try copy-pasting it to a new folder?
Just the document to start. Worry about links later

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Figured it out! I right-clicked, saw> “give access to” gave access to everyone and boom! Freakin’ Windows.

Adobe does indeed suck, but Windows sucks more …

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