InDesign Master Page icons vanished

Hi Folks

I’m running InDesign CC2017 on PC. Some time in the last few days my Master Page icons have vanished from the pages panel.

I’ve checked in Panel Options that I’ve got the Masters thumbnails set to large and show thumbnails is checked.

I also made sure that Show Master Items was correct in the Master Pages menu.

I’ve also rebooted with a Shift-Ctrl-Alt and deleted the InDesign prefs.

Any ideas anybody?

never mind.
I see you trashed your prefs. That should have fixed it.

My thoughts indeed PD. I trashed the prefs twice just to make sure! Can’t believe that didn’t fix it.

In the end I selected all the pages in the pages panel and used the ‘overwrite all master page items’ to unlock everything so I could manually edit them.

A pain!

The only other thing I can think of is to export the messed up file to .idml and then try opening the idml.

Thought about that PD. However, even if I create a new document, the problem persists. Every job I open, same problem. If I open on my Mac at home the master pages are visible. Open same doc at work on the PC they’re gone! Just weird

It might be obvious, but is the panel minimised? Try dragging it out.

Hey Buda … really weird … opened InDesign this morning to make sure the panel was big enough, but the Master Page icons were back before I could do anything!!


Who knows? Maybe your Indesign heard us talking about it. :thinking:

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