InDesign page order: 42pg w 3 center right-folds

I have a somewhat complex booklet to have printed at a press that requires a specific page order before being uploaded for the actual printing. The specific page order is needed to accomodate the 3, 6-page center spreads that fold only on the right-hand side like a tri-fold. I am wondering if someone knows of a place online to learn a little more about “Signature” press sheets and page order is needed for this special type of set-up? I understand the printer should help me with this, but I feel it helps to have a little information upfront, if available?

The only person to help you is the printers themselves.

Everything else will be a crapshoot.

That’s my professional opinion.


I agree with @Smurf2; it’s impossible to give you specific advice on this problem because the way the printer will handle it depends on any number of variables, from the size of the press to the quantity being printed to the method of printing (sheetfed, digital, web). It’s entirely possible the fold-out pages won’t even print on the same press.

Page imposition isn’t something designers typically need to think much about. Your printer will impose the pages onto the printed sheets in whatever way best suits the sheet size, folding, signature nesting, and trimming.

This is the type of job where it’s essential to talk to the printer to ensure they understand what you’re trying to achieve and get precise instructions on how best to prepare the files — especially for those fold-out pages.


Don’t think there’s any point of going out of the way with doing anything unusual in InDesign - page flow 1-42 in normal facing pages in the correct order.
Talk to printers and get them to sort it out it - that’s their specialty and responsibility.

Thank you