Indesign question

Hi there – starting this as a new topic, as I thought the issue was resolved.

I’ve added a footnote and have found that this is affecting the paragraph space in a following paragraph style.

The paragraph style with the footnote is text-body. Space before text-body is 0, space after text-body is 2mm.

The paragraph style with the heading is h2. Space-before h2= 0, space-after h2 = 1mm.

Both styles based on [no paragraph style]. The superscript number in the text is a character style based on [no paragraph style].

Neither paragraph styles align to a baseline grid.

Deleting the footnote results in the h2 jumping back up to the correct paragraph space-before.

Anyone have any thoughts about what’s going on here?

Has the text frame options got vertical justification?
Not that should affect it but if it’s adding a footnote, the footnote goes into the bottom of the page, where a space will be generated for the footnote to go into, but that should push the text at the bottom out.

so if you have vertical justification on the text frame it could push the text unexpectedly.

But hard to know without seeing a full screen shot of the page - before and after
Or if you can share the file that would be best.