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Hi there,
Can anyone guide me on how to recreate this foldable graduation invitation in InDesign? I need to recreate it in InDesign, but with our wording and logo.

I’m at a beginner’s level in InDesign! Any help please!

Just for page set up. How do I start?


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Thank you!
How and where do I include the folds? I need different texts and images in each folded section.

In HotButton’s new document setup example, I might be inclined to enter 0.125 inches in the bleed settings since it appears that horizontal bar above the 2019 bleeds.

Beyond that, do you have the necessary fonts? How about the artwork (shield, ribbons & wolf)?

Is there no actual printing on this invitation other than, maybe, black? It appears to be mostly foil stamping, engraving and, perhaps, foil embossing. I’m having some difficulty in deciphering some of the specs. The numbers seem to be referring to options available from a particular printing/engraving company.

Good eye, uh, I think.

To the OP: If you have a physical specimen to reference, you’re very far ahead of the rest of us in terms of setting up a facsimile, regardless of experience. The spec you posted only gives us the trim size, and the picture could only lead to guesses slightly better than fully-blind. If you have the smarts to figure out the rest of it, with the software’s help, initial setup should be a minor obstacle.

Thank you guys!
Appreciate it :slight_smile:
If there is anything else, I’ll post.

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