Indesign text wrap problem

I have a text wrap problem. I need to wrap text around photos. Then have a credit under the photo. It seems the text box from the wrapping text is interfering with the text box for the credit under the photo. I have tried all combinations of the text wrap options and nothing works. I made sure the credit under the photo was on NONE but tried all the options there as well. My workaround was to just make a smaller text box for the offending paragraph. But of course that takes it out of the flow for the article. Any ideas?

I don’t see how to attach photos here, sorry. But I hope I have explained it well enough.

You can make a screen shot and paste it into a post here. Then we can probably understand better what isn’t working for you.

Hi, Kayekaye. Long time, no see.

Posting photos here is really easy. Just drag and drop onto the text box where you write. In the case of a screen capture, you can just capture it to your clipboard, then paste it directly into the text box with no intermediate steps of even having to save it to a file.

Hi again!
Thank you! I will do that as soon as possible. I overlooked that, looking for something harder LOL

You will need to select IGNORE TEXT WRAP for the credit text box.

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Yes! That’s it. Thanks so much! Brain freeze, couldn’t remember the right words to even look it.

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