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I am looking for tools and softwares that would help me with designing product-related infographics. Specifically, I want to be able to quickly implement graphic components to show zoomed-in shots of parts of the products to pinpoint on their feature and etc., and also be able to show dimensions of various side in a perspective form vs flat, and any related capabilities to enhance the infographics.

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Adobe Illustrator with the CADTools plugin from HotDoor.
Most CAD software on it’s own is not suited to creating graphics, but Illustrator is, and CADTools is a most excellent little plug-in for dimensioning things. Can’t live without it where I work.

There is no easy button though. No fill-in forms. You have to create. From scratch.

“Quickly” is the word I’m stumbling over. Technical illustration is not quick. I used to do it full-time for about two years when I worked for Unisys on their mainframe documentation booklets. That was many years ago.

Anyway, PrintDriver has the right answer. A combination of Illustrator and CADTools is probably the best software for the job — that and a good camera and some lights for close-up shots. For that matter, if you’re after quick, sometimes a photo itself will work. What you described, though, is more akin to a whole lot of work in Illustrator painstakingly drawing things by hand. If you’ve never done this before, you’ll save time and money by hiring it out — unless, of course, you really want to learn yourself.

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