Infography minimum font size

Can anyone tell me what is the minimum font size to use in a infography ? In a A3 page.?

Font helvetica.

I used 8 pt numeric and names.

13 pt for subtitles

In the summary writing i used 11pt

And title i used 70pt.

While using difrent hierarchy of the font i mean light normal bold black etc…

Am i doing right?

There is no way for us to know that based only on the information you’ve offered. There are no standard conventions of “infography”. An"A3 page" could be hung on a wall or lain on a desk. There may be lengthy paragraphs of that 8-point type or just a few easily-digested lines.

The 8-point choice does seem rather small in a layout where the title is set at 70, but maybe the title and context of the content warrant that wide departure. Can we see it?

I’m old. I hate reading 8pt type even at arm’s distance with my cheater specs. So if this is for any kind of geriatric infographic, please don’t.

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The margins are croped i had some radom problem exporting so nevermind that

A3 is 11" x 17"
Way too much info, way too small type.

Mind the rivers in your justification. It’s pretty bad. (Rivers = all that white space between words in your top left paragraph)

There are no hard and fast rules regarding minimum type sizes. Instead, it’s about legibility and readability. If the words are meant to be easily read, they need to be large enough to enable people to do so. You can use your own eyes to determine that.

Keep in mind, though, that people’s ability to focus at short distances begins to decrease in their teens. It doesn’t typically become noticeable until around the age of 40 when focusing distance finally decreases to just under normal reading distance.

In other words, if you’re 22 years old and thinking all you need to do to make something readable is to bring it closer to your face, that solution probably won’t work for a 30-something person. For those a decade older, the 9-point type that’s easily read at normal reading distance for a younger person begins to look blurry, and they start complaining about the type being too small, squinting their eyes, and holding the reading material further away from their face to focus on it.

That’s right. For letter size, one must use 8-1/2 points over 11 points. For legal size, it must be 9 points over 13 points.

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