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I want to use a design created by someone else as part of my design on a Business Card. I have been unable to contact the owner of the image in order to seek permission to use it. I have sent an email to the owner and tried to contact them via social media, there is no phone contact and this person does not live in my country.

Does anyone have any idea of what I can do in this situation please?

From what you’ve described, you don’t own the copyright to this design — someone else does. It’s quite straight forward, if you can’t get permission from this person to use the artwork, you can’t legally use it.

Then again, I haven’t seen it. It might be so generic or simple or whatever, that copyrights just don’t apply. However, since you thought it necessary to contact this person, I’m assuming it’s something unique that really does belong to someone else.

You would be using someone else’s images to promote your business. You would need their consent to use it.

Thanks for your response Just-B, you have confirmed what I suspected that I simply should not use the design. I would have nowhere to acknowledge it on the business card either.

Thank you Smurf2, this is exactly what I would be doing too. I didn’t look at it like that, ie I would be profiting from someone else’s work and I know that is definitely off-limits. Thanks again

Even acknowledging it wouldn’t make a difference.
They might let you use it but with a © and attribution.
But that’s up to them.

Oh thats interesting then … but its on a business card not much room there

Neither here nor there

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