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Hi Everyone,

I created a design in Inkscape and I was having an issue with the design converting to PDF. The problem is whenever I export it to PDF, the blurred shadow disappears in the PDF file. I need this solved ASAP because I need it to send it for print.

I hope you guys understand.

Thank you!

Not a user of InkScape but this sounds like a transparency issue. It used to happen in Illustrator / Quark / etc.

  • Have you done a design with a blurred shadow before in Inkspcape where it had no problem?
  • is there a way of flattening the design before exporting?
  • Are you exporting to a later version of PDF / do you have PDF/X settings set?
  • Do you have a mix of CMYK and RGB elements in the design?

Does inkscape use spot colors?
Elements dropping out are often a side effect of a combination of transparency and spot colors.
Also as SM said, PDF/X settings…
Or call your print vendor and see what they prefer you do.

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