Hi all! This is my first year of inktober! It’s starting in a month and I’m very excited! Any tips and tricks before I take on the 31 day challenge?
Thank you!

What is “inktober”?

I am… just as clueless.

I never heard of it either. Hmm.

Open a bottle of Indian ink. Use a pen or brush, dip into ink. On a sheet of paper, write the letter “r”. There: ink-to-be-r!

We have had quite a few folks on here participate. Our biggest contributor that I know of has been @id8tionist :smiley:

Lots of examples on Instagram. I’m not nearly disciplined enough to participate. You might get 3 drawings out of me LOL :smiley:

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Last year was the first time I was able to participate and I loved it. You can do whatever you want, but I used it as an opportunity to learn and practice the fountain pen since I had never used them before.

Here’s what I did last year.

Thanks for the shout out @RedKittieKat I’ve been consumed with so much that I’ve still failed to put this forum back in my rotation. :wink:


No worries … I knew you were ramblin’ around out there somewhere :wink:

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