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Hello everybody, I’m really really sorry for bother you all, but together with a fellow student I’m writing my Master Thesis for the Copenhagen Business School about a potential digital solution for a company called Moleskine. Our solution is aimed at facilitating the creative process of Designers and other creative talents and this is why we though about this forum. With this regard, would really appreciate if you could spend 7 minutes of your time to complete this survey. You might contribute to the discovery of new important insights! :blush:

I really hope you can help us, below you can find the link to the survey:

LOL … I started it … but after 10 minutes and just about every question requiring a detailed explanation, I stopped having 4 more pages to go. I don’t have enough time right now to devote to this … sorry.

Surveys need to be short, not take too much time, and have some kind of reward for those putting in the time to complete it.

Reading through it, it’s a 5 minute survey.
I might do it. Later.

We are students so we don’t have so much resources and we hoped that for you to contribute to the Research was a nice reward, but thank you anyway

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I must be super slow then :frowning:

I’ll give it another shot when I have time tonight :wink:

This actually could be a useful insight for you, she said respectfully. :slight_smile:

Graphic designers aren’t just creative. We’re marketing professionals with deadlines, which means time is money. We have to weigh how to invest our time.

I think most of us are willing to be helpful… I would take the time for a short survey, but not a long one.

For creative insights, you might also reach out to artist groups.

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I tried to take the survey, but got frustrated with reading through the typos and having to use the “other” options too often to make up for oversimplifications and flawed assumptions in the questions.

Yeah, I managed to chunk through it, but both the premise and execution of the survey are weak.

Good survey design precludes ambiguity to the extent that “data” is collected. This one might harvest some opinion, but very little that will qualify as data.

I assumed English was a second language and didn’t sweat the misspellings.

Flawed assumptions though, starting with only “> 2yrs experience” and not including age brackets over 35.

Heh…we 35 - 111 year-olds are always forgotten.



I don’t normally like piling on, but as the responses you’ve received above indicate, the data you’ll be getting from this poll isn’t exactly Master’s thesis material. Then again, maybe a Master’s degree means something different in Denmark.

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You got it right, the aim of our survey is indeed the collection of opinions that we will elaborate and use to check whether some of our assumptions are true and/or gain new insights that can give us a completely different perspective (and to respond to others, this is why we kept the questions relatively open, to give the possibility to the respondents to customised their answers to better fit what they really are or what they really do). We meant to use it as tool to reach a large geographically distributed sample quicker, since carrying on interviews with many interviewees at an international level would have required very long time, that, unfortunately, we don’t have.

For what concern the typos and the misspellings, I’m sorry and thank you for making us notice that, we will fix it.

For what concern the years of experience, we are not interested in knowing exactly how many years of experience professionals have but simply distinguish a person who is already working, from one who might have some projects experience but not a professional one. In particular, we thought that in this way answers would have been more valuable since respondents with 2/>2yrs of experience have been dealing with idea generation and creative process for some years, and thus they know in depth what are the issues arising from the process. Indeed, students and recently graduated people would probably answer on the basis of what they studied, instead of how they actually behave, reducing the degree of reliability of the answers for our purpose.

Said this, thank you for your comments, we’ll try to improve it, and thank you for having dedicated you precious time to us.

2 years of experience is considered Entry Level, not even Junior Level, in the US.
For “experience,” that would be greater than 5 years minimum.

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