Hi guys, I’m not sure whether or not this should be posted on the inspiration topic, but since I have nothing to show it’s probably more fitting here…

So, there’s work and then there’s personal art and creativity. I’ve been spending all of my time on work, but when I come home I feel uninspired to do anything. What do you do to get inspiration for personal art. I have a strong urge to draw something, but when I sit down with pencil and paper nothing comes out, just a bunch of squiggly lines like something a student would draw on the margins during a lecture.

Do you have favorite websites, some kind of prompts, authors, music, anything that gets you into “i’m so excited to create something, I can’t wait” mood?

Like most of us, I got into this field because I did personal art and was creative. Now, it’s difficult for me to work all day, come home and work on freelance projects and still have time left over for personal artwork.

It’s been way too long since I just drew or painted something for the simple joy of doing it. I have a big, giant set of Prismacolor pencils that I bought, probably, ten years ago. I haven’t even opened it. I also have a half-finished oil painting from many years ago that I keep telling myself I need to finish up. There’s always something more important to do.

I wish I could say it was just a creative block or lacking information, but what I’m really lacking is time.

What like this ?

Doodling in Math Class: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant

In short as nature is the consummateartist, get inspiration from her!

actually yes, but without the math part. Just a lot of repetitive shapes within shapes. Or when I’m particularly uninspired just a bunch of curlies…

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