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So we have a subscription for Creative Cloud for just me.’ I have it installed on my desktop at work. But I was sent home with a laptop to set up too in case of crappy weather this winter. Can I log onto a desktop and laptop with the one subscription like you were able to with say CS4? Or do I need to log on and off from each device? I don’t want to log on the laptop and incur another charge. Thanks guys!

I believe it supports two, in case you work cross-platform I guess. In any case, you just wouldn’t be able to login, there wouldn’t be an additional charge.

You can use both devices at the same time. No logging off. I do it all the time. Home and work.

But check on your account page that no one has somehow added a second machine already. If so, just manually log them out (and change your password.)

Awesome, thanks guys!!

I have two computers at home. The same CC account is installed on both. I’ve never run into a problem, but they’re almost never used simultaneously. On those rare occasions when they’ve both been running, I’ve had no problem then either.

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You can install on as many computers as you like.

You just can’t use them both at the same time - so you can’t be using that account at home and someone at your work is using that account.

There is an application that runs in the background which checks the subscriptions and apps periodically. As long as both computers are not active at the same time it’s fine. If they are - it just asks you to log out of one of them.

I have something similar with my TV subscription with Sky - using their Sky Go service, I can insall the Sky Go App on up to 5 devices, and if I try to login from a 6th it asks me to log out from one of the other devices.

That has never happened.

Previously with Adobe you could install on 2 computers if you pinky promised not to install on more.

But that changed with CC - you can install on as many devices as you like - and login from anywhere.

Download and install Creative Cloud apps on a new computer.

Frequently asked questions

On how many computers can I download and install Creative Cloud apps?

Your individual Creative Cloud license lets you install apps on more than one computer and activate (sign in) on two. However, you can use your apps on only one computer at a time. For more information, see On how many computers can I use my Creative Cloud subscription?

How do I deactivate Creative Cloud if I can’t access my old computer?

In this case, you can also sign out using your Adobe accounts page.

If you receive an “Activation limit reached” or “Sign-in failed” error, see Creative Cloud “Activation limit reached” or “Sign-in failed” error.

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You can have CC on two computers running simultaneously. I have it on my home laptop and my work desk desktop unit. Sometimes the two are side by side in the same room. But you can only interact with one at a time.

In your online Account control panel there is a list of active computers. You get to choose two. You have to deactivate any beyond that. On more than one occasion we have found a third offsite computer tied into an account. If you find that, delete it and immediately change your password. On more than one occasion we’ve received notices that accounts have been compromised, but often as not there is no notification. If you have a connection issue, that’s one of the first things to check.

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