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Interaction Design, Description
(Interaction Design being more relevant than ever, I wanted to share this with the design community.)

Interaction Design
by Calvin Roy Loeser, 2019-01-20, 3:30PM

From every item we touch, to every device with which we interact, there is Interaction Design.

With every utensil we use, and with every website we see and hear, we interact.

Every building we enter. Every car we drive. Even the food, we eat; the drinks we drink… there is interaction.

Our whole world, real and virtual, is interaction.

The tiniest flaws can become the most cumbersome obstacles, over time.

And, the greatest functions, to which we’ve grown accustom, can be taken away, unfortunately, with a so-called, “Upgrade”.

Ultimate care and consideration should be taken, when designing… anything.

There is beauty in design, beyond that which we see, visually; but, how an interaction makes us feel; how it effects us, emotionally.

It’s our responsibility, to help shape our surrounding world, through Interaction Design.

It can be shaped into a more functional, and more beautiful world, simultaneously.

We are what we sense. Our interactions form who we are. With what we interact, we also become.

Rounded edges, instead of sharp uncomfortable pointy things.

Clarity over confusion.

Simple, seamless… more pleasant immersions, over harsh and jarring experiences.

Helpful and considerate design, over dismissive and obstructive flow.

Interaction Design helps ensure proper communication between knowledge, and function.

It’s not just about selling more products, through design. It’s about creating something of lasting-value; interweaving helpful longevity.

…taking what is learned, and applying it to the future.

And, the future… is Interaction Design.

It’s called Experiential Design now.
And everything is relative.

Harsh and Jarring immersions are sometimes appropriate (like the WW1 trench exhibit at the Collings Foundation Museum)
Sometimes confusion is appropriate (like an exhibit regarding states of mind, can’t remember where at the moment)
Sometimes uncomfortable things are appropriate (like the Holocaust Museum down in NYC.)

All design is to fulfill a function.
Design appropriately.



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That cracked me up when I wrote it too, but I’ve been reading sidebar snippets about this exhibit in various places for the last month, and now when I go back to look for it, I cannot even find it in my browser history. Or maybe it was one of the trades in the huge pile on my desk.
Very strange.
Vaguely remember it might have been in London.

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