Interactive Data Program

I am working on a project that will enable users to click on a map of the world to show where they are from and the map will change depending on how many users click on certain areas.
What program would be best to use to create this?

It’s more like “what programs,” plural. I don’t think there’s a free program that allows you to do that without interfacing with another program. And it would probably have to be free in order for you to get participation.

It might not even be a program that you are looking for. You might be looking at database programing languages like SQL, or PERL. If you’re not ready to develop your own app, it will probably have to be browser based. You’ll need to have a database interfacing with a dynamic webpage using ASP, PHP, or something of the sort.

I could be outdated on some of these technologies. Also I don’t know if a content management system (CMS) has plug-in modules similar to what you are looking for.

Thanks for your help.

It would be helpful to know what technologies your project is based on. There are many possibilities when it comes to javascript whether that would be in the browser, a mobile app, or even a desktop app developed in html/javascript.

The terms you may want to search for are “javascript interactive world map.” I used that in a search and found this project in the first few results. I don’t know how you would expect the map would change depending on clicks, but if it is something like color, this would be quite easy to implement with that script.

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