Interactive Design System

Please can I get some feedback on rough drafts I have for a school project.

  • Concept : interactive identity system
  • Purpose or Goal : Falmouth University’s School of Arts 2022 undergraduate summer degree show
  • Format : website, physical A2 poster, physical invite, e-invite and social media advertising
  • Audience: 18 - 25 year olds; potential students and second year students thinking about attending uni and looking for inspo for their final year projects
  • Your Experience Level : visual communication student
  • Nature of Job: school assignment

Below are rough drafts of the poster design, which can be applied to the social media physical and e-invite designs. Beneath that is a rough design of the website in three different states and at the bottom is the style tile with the text format, colours, buttons, text field and image placeholders I plan to use.


Site Showcase

Site Events

Site Upload

Style Tile

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Massive blocks of colour - none of those colours used in any of the designs.

Do you think it’s good? Be honest with yourself.
Is this your best?

I’ve moved your post to the student section.

You probably need to flesh out your ideas a bit more before a critique. For example, let’s examine the poster. All you’ve seemingly done is placed the words you feel are important on a poster-shaped space. I’m assuming the final poster will look much different, but I have little idea about what its final design might be.

Similarly, the Site Showcase, Site Events, Site Upload, and Style Tile examples contain too few of your design ideas to enable a meaningful critique. They’re too bare-boned and preliminary for me to know how they all fit together as coordinated elements in a larger design.



(actual reaction was much less cordial)

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Too early. Fill in the placeholders. For now I’ll say the misalignment on the poster is visually frustrating. It needs more attention.

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I stopped looking at it there.