Interactive Roadmap infographic

I have been asked to work on an interactive road map. I have found templates online, but none seem to have the capability to become interactive. Has anyone found an interactive template?

No, I have not.

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Like google maps?

A template for what? A website? Which platform? WordPress?

I’m hesitant to spend much time answering a question when the person posing the question doesn’t bother to supply enough detail.

Assuming it is for a WordPress website, however, I’ll give you a hint. Don’t look up map templates. Look up WordPress GIS plugins. GIS stands for Geographic Information System. Geospatial plugin is another search term you might use.

I doubt you’ll find what you want, though. We paid over $100,000 at my penultimate job for an ESRI GIS setup. You’re not going to need that, of course, but perhaps using the right keywords will lead you to something you can use.

Like anything I’ve been asked to do and don’t know how to do I decline the work.
I’d never offer a service for a job I cannot do.


Thanks for taking the time to respond. I have it worked out.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I have it worked out using buttons in InDesign.

That’s great! If you have the time to share I’d love to learn more about it!

My goal was to create a roadmap/interactive pdf for a research group at a University. My clients shared one they found on the web. They also contacted the firm that owns the roadmap and they responded with some info to get us going on our project.

The firm let us know that they used the “Button” option in InDesign to create their roadmap. There is a video on YouTube that demonstrates the capabilities of the Button and Animation options in InDesign. I was able to create a test run for my client. I created a series of small rectangles which allows for a limited amount of info - mostly like a header or a chapter head - when clicked it provides the reader with a more comprehensive info box - which is my client’s goal. So there is a clean infographic that has hidden information that can be found if the reader is interested.

I hope this is helpful to you. Thanks for responding to my original request.

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Just be aware that any interactivity within a PDF is only guaranteed to work within Adobe Acrobat and will most likely not work in any of the other ways that many people view and read PDFs today (web browsers, smart phones, etc.)

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