Interesting visitor center exhibit

Bearing in mind this is an advertising blog from the maker of the graphics product used, this is a really nice looking visitor center exhibit with some exposition into what went behind it. A couple things jump out at me as a jaded, public-exhibit builder but overall a nice looking thing


Do you have any ideas on the process used to create the areas with and without rust and just how stable it might be over the long haul? No matter how it might have been stabilized, I would think the whole thing would eventually rust sooner rather than later.

Instead of being Corten sheet metal, could it be something like a zinc or other non-ferrous substrate that’s been painted with some sort of rust-imitating paint?

Whatever the materials might be, I’m also wondering just how they transfered the image to metal? Could there be there some kind of photo-chemical process involved? I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Judging from the patina, I’m guessing the details are laser cut brass (they mentioned brass in the article) attached to the cor-ten. No idea how it’s fastened but most probably welded studs, except for the tiny details… You can see it’s dimensional.

This article actually made me go look up the galvanic reaction numbers between cor-ten steel and brass as it doesn’t look like they isolated the two metals from each other. I have to go ask a metal guy about it. I couldn’t figure it out from the numbers. But I would assume the fabricators checked that before building it…?

No idea what the mesh is, but you can see the rust bleed on it from the Cor-ten.

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