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Hello there,

I think somebody in here has worked for some companies from other countries and have a good or bad experience with them from how to offer our ideas, brainstorming, pricing ( i know this word is tabu in this platform ), until the payment process ( this is not talking about pricing )

I have bad experiences with Paypal, a huge company that helps us to be a bridge between client wallets to our local bank. My bad experience happened this year. I have made a new account this year and get very bad experiences about the hold payment, huge taxes even though I don’t use invoice feature in Paypal, and bad customer services. Until now I can’t transfer my money in Paypal to the local bank account.

So in here, I need your help friends, I don’t have an idea to move to other transfer money other than Paypal that can use for transfer to a local bank in Indonesia. So if any Indonesia designer or other Senior designer who has more experience in the international transaction I need your help to tell me about the international transaction other than PayPal.

Thank you, I’m sorry for this poor topic. Because I don’t have a mind about international transactions other than Paypal. So I need your help guys.

Paypal has one star as far as international money transfers are concerned.

Transferwise is not much better.

You would probably be better off with Western Union or Venmo.

I have personally used Western Union to help my sister out when she was in Morocco. It worked beautifully.

I hope that helps.

Transferring money to and from countries within Europe I use smart currency exchange. It is much much cheaper than direct bank transfers. I believe they can transfer to and from any currencies. If someone is paying you, they’d have to set up an account with them. They are extremely helpful. Never has anything but great customer service.

Hello Red Kittie,

but why I’m always got 5% taxes on every transaction ? even though I don’t use the Paypal invoice template I’m still go 5% tax on my transaction.

There is always a cost of using a money transfer service … but the 5% additional tax is probably due to the Finance Act of 2020. Looks like a lot of countries now charge any wire transfers an additional 5% just for them so help with “Governmental costs”.
From what I see … there is no way around it.

Add it to the cost of the job


Hey, Red kittie, I have discussed with Paypal customer service today and I can understand now.

This is the explanation, maybe it will be useful for any freelancer who uses PayPal for the transaction :

About Tax

We can find any information about tax on Paypal home UI, but after I ask the customer service we will get tax if we use " Paypal Invoice Template " and if the sender/buyer send the payment not chose " Friend / Family " status but buy/pay a “Stuff/service” status so the Paypal machine will automaticaly give us 5% for every transaction with trading status. But when we chose " Send for friend/family" we will not get a 5% tax for our transaction.

About the hold payment status

I think everyone have known about this but I will write here to help you new Paypal user that use for freelance. If your payment hold is because is you are still in new seller status not star seller status if you won’t make your account to be star seller you must have 5 / more transactions in your account with 21 range days after you make an account. Or you can ask the sender to chose "friend/family transaction status " to make your money not hold or get more taxes.

I hope these words can useful for you are freelancers who want to use Paypal and get information about the Paypal account and hold payment status.

Thank you everybody for your help, I hope God give your daily bread today and in the future.


Gonna just point out here that selecting “friends and family” instead of “stuff/services” would likely constitute Tax Fraud (if it is indeed a tax and not a “service charge.”
I don’t recommend it.
Part of being in business is being in business, with all the surcharges, fees, taxes and overhead that goes with it. Charge accordingly.

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