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I’m a third year student of Visual Communication. Before entering the fourth year we are required to do internships. I am quite apprehensive about internships and work and offices in general, as this would be my first. Any kind of advice would really help!

Thank You!

Have you not held any jobs previously?
No interviews?
Does your school have a placement program or are you expected to find a job out in the wild?
The best advice would be to look for a position where you will have a mentor, someone to tell you when you aren’t doing something to industry standard, but also one who will let you do some actual work. Don’t fall into the trap of being taken on by a company that expects you to do the job of a graphic designer with no direction simply because they want free (or low cost) labor. That is not a learning experience.

When you go to an interview, not only is the company interviewing you, you should be interviewing the company.


I’ve done some works for other people. Something like freelance. But never really in an office. Like a design firm. My college does have a placement program but that’s in the fourth year.

Right. So I should look at what I’ll be learning from it rather than just the fact that it’ll be an added line in my resume.

I had the same anxiety about working in an office setting when I did a placement. Like anything new it is stressful, and if you are introvert and deal with anxiety it can be tough at first. But I’m sure starting university was the same feeling and it’s something that passes after time.

Also, Just make sure your prepared for the interview. Do research on the company you are interviewing with. Have your portfolio ready before hand, and practice talking about each piece, you may not end up talking about many of them, but at least you won’t be caught off guard if your asked a question about a piece.

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Remember that when a company is looking to hire interns they know that they are still learning their craft. Internships are a great way to get real working experience, especially experience with working on a team. Often companies look for people who are willing and wanting to learn. Always be open to do what is asked of you, and take it as a learning experience.

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Whenever I start in a new place I always try to remember everyone’s name and how they take their coffee / tea / whatever. You should not be asked to make the drinks but if after a few days you offer to do it it will help. Be friendly and smile but don’t laugh too much. Don’t tell a joke until after the first month. Look out for people taking advantage of the new person - don’t object but remember them.

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