Introduce Yourself

Hey, I’m a college student. Graphic Communication Major with a concentration in graphic design.

Wanted to get on this forum to talk to people with similar interest but I have a pressing matter, actually in a matter of hours I have an assignment due. I have to due a presentation of a graphic designer within my field. It can’t be anyone I know, and get this, it’s due in 12 hours from now. So if someone can help me, I would greately appreciate it. My grade depends on it! :frowning:

So basically, I just need the graphic designers name, a pic of them, and examples of work. Doesn’t have to be anything special but you’d have to have a job within the graphic design field.

How did you get started in this career?
Was your pathway similar to other people who do the same kind of work?
Did you take any courses or do any internships that helped you get started in this area?
What is your typical day like?
What is the most interesting case or transaction you have worked on lately?
What percentage of your day is spent dealing with people? What percentage of your day is spent dealing      with paper?
What do you most enjoy about this work?
Is there anything about this work that you would change?
What do you know now that you wish you'd known before you entered this field?
What skills are necessary for a successful career in this field?
What professional publications do you read and why?
Can you suggest other people who may be helpful to me in gathering information about this field/location?
Can I call on you again in the future?

This is going to be your first encounter with what happens in this field if you leave things to the last minute.
Failure to meet deadlines would be a career fail.
Just sayin’…

Someone may roll around in the next 3 hours to save you.
Or not.
(I’m not a designer so no help here.)


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