Introduction of Graphic Design

There are many ways of establishing a life in the world. Graphic Design is one of the most important parts among them.
Graphic Design is the process of business improvement, great communication and problem solving through art, combine text and picture as well as photography and illustration. Who problem solving and business improvement through all of this work complete such as creative design, typography, photography, art, and illustration design, that’s known a professional Graphic Designer. A professional graphic designer has much more demand at present and future in the world. So obviously it’s valuable for each person career. A graphic designer specialist create a great visual communication for developing their or others business.

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No Man. Please make sure clear what you want to know. Thanks:grinning:

These days, anyone thinking about a career in “graphic design” better think long and hard and do their research. You aren’t going to make a living doing stationery and business cards and logos on I’d-do-that-for-a-dollar websites. The field has moved on and the colleges that haven’t caught on are doing thousands of students a disservice. If I went to school now, and learned what I was taught 25 years ago, the way it was taught, I’d ask for my money back. Judging from student work seen in the student forum the colleges have Not upped their game since.

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