inVisibleCreatives to support female creatives

inVisibleCreatives is an initiative to help fix the gender ratio in the advertising industry by creating the largest female creative database.


nice idea

So does this qualify as a “binder full of women?”

This is a really weird concept to me. In my weird little niche of your industry, the ratio of women to men favors the women most decidedly. I would say almost 2 to 1 in favor of the women. It’s not 100% advertising industry though.

That looks like its all flat design. Advertising also encompasses the Real World market. Women still lag behind men in thinking in 3D. It’s not that they can’t learn it. They can. Thinking spatially is actually difficult for most graphic designers, men or women. Most of the women designers I know in this industry came from a scenic theatre, interior design or (less so) architectural background.

My boss is a woman but I’ve only ever worked with one other, and that was years ago. We should encourage girls to take up whatever career they are interested in, whether it’s graphics, engineering, science or anything else.

I’m surprised this is (obviously) needed. I always thought there are way more creative woman doing these kind of jobs… am I wrong? Or is it that different per country?

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