Invitation from Adobe

Has anyone else received one of these invitations from Adobe? I’m glad they’re soliciting opinions from users rather than relying exclusively on their own in-house viewpoints of what their users should have.


Yeah, they’ve done that for a while now. Never heard of anyone winning but it’s nice to see active outreach.

It doesn’t appear to be a contest with any winners. It’s an invitation to participate in an ongoing program to provide Adobe with feedback on their software. The only payment for participation is (token) “PayPal gifts” or “Amazon eGifts.”

I’m rarely short on opinions about Adobe software, so I signed up. We’ll see. It couldn’t hurt, I hope. :wink:

The sort of feedback I would give would get me banned from their forums very quickly. I will pass.

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Looks spammy

Why use the Adobe logo if it’s from c space?
A qualifying survey?

Click bait?

I did the survey. Seemed pretty straight foreward

Even if they sent this to me (and they won’t) I’d probably tell em to pound sand.
It’s marketing outreach pure and simple. They have an image problem.

I’m assuming that Adobe contracted with C Space to do the research.

Looking through their sprawling website, it’s full of photos of people. Almost all of them look like the extended cast from Logan’s Run — a movie depicting a world in which anyone reaching the age of 30 was automatically killed.

I’m already disliking this company.

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