Ipad pro vs. regular

Hi guys.
I am thinking about buying an Ipad + Apple Pencil for sketching and playing around.
Honestly I have no interest in computers and know very little, so please don’t hit me with a rant of technical instructions :wink:

My main work will be done on my regular computer, so it is more or less only for creative play.
I have tried reading about it, but it seems like everyone always go right for the pro version.

So let me know your thoughts, is it possible to work with the regular version(and save a lot of money) or will it be a total waste?

Hello Gitte,

I know your struggle.

I have a ipad 2018, the smallest one 9,7 inch. It’s working perfectly fine for me because I mostly draw on a4 or even smaller.

If you’re used with a big format, or you dislike to swipe your fingers a lot i’d go for pro. A small format means you have to move your hand more when you zoom in for the details.

Yes Pro is very expensive, and I didn’t mind the small format so I went for the ‘‘budget’’ ipad.

It’s a preference really, why not try them both at (Apple) shop? There are lot of youtube videos around of users who have both ipads and test them both.

Thank you so much for your answer Loulou.
I actually think it is a plus for me with a manageable sized screen.
You don’t experience challenges with apps or other limitations, where the Pro is the way to go?

I have a 2018 ipad 9 x 7 also. The apple pencil has a bit of a lag that I just can’t get used to. It also turns into a drawing tool in their Pages app so that’s a nightmare. They have to fix that bug and let it be an option to draw or use as a cursor. I have several apps on it and even though it is not even half full, it is starting to be fussy in Google Chrome.

One more thing I can’t seem to fix, not pertaining to drawing. Email will not do groups, not in comcast web app, their email app and not in gmail either on the webb or their app. Even if you add each name on, when you mail it only the first name gets the email. So that was disappointing for me as I wanted to use it on vacations to keep in touch with my clients organizations.

This is strange. Do you have lag with your pen with all your programs or just specific ones?

I certainly don’t experience any lags with my pen. I mostly use Affinity + Procreate with a pen, it works like a charm.

Good luck

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