iPad Pro worth it?

Hey guys,

Does anyone have experience with using an iPad Pro for sketching/illustrations and designs? Do you think it is worth investing in? I am still a beginner graphic design student, but I am thinking it may be a good investment to improve my skills and to start developing early. I’d love to get some opinions on it!


An iPad isn’t ballsy enough to do professional scale work. It might be fine to play around on, if the design programs you need to learn will run on it…

If it will be useful for you in other areas, and you just want to do some basic sketching it is ok. But, my opinion which may be biased, if you are looking to do more serious illustration I think the Wacom Cintiq products are far superior in about every way.

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Can you already draw? If not, then paper and pencil will help you improve your skill more than any electronic tool.


Thanks for all the feedback guys! I will stick with practicing sketching on paper rather than focus on other tools. I agree that would probably be most beneficial to my learning :slight_smile:


I have a wacom and I love it. But I think that a good sketchpad and a pencil are basic for every graphic designer.

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I actually got a wacom recently as a gift, its the cheapest one I think but I haven’t used it really yet. I’m guessing it takes time to get used to it… especially hovering the pencil lol.

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I own one, and I think it’s better than the Wacom, and it’s absolutely worth it. However, wait a bit, because there are rumours, that Pencil 2 is coming out.

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I have recently received the iPad Pro and it is also a great tablet for art, but it is very VERY expensive. Also (unfortunately) all the art programs on the iPad Pro require you purchase an additional stylus in order to use pressure sensitivity. I purchased the Apple Pencil ( the highest on recommendations) which also costs a very pretty penny at the price of 95$.

I love my XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro 21.5" IPS display monitor tablet so much. I learned how to operate this at my animation and video editing class! xp-pen produce the good graphics tablets for art in the industry . But please do not forget that this is a PROFESSIONAL TABLET please take that in consideration first before you go out and buy one.

Lets consider what it can do!

  1. Its at least 550$.


  3. Can be used with any computer.

  4. Great for animators and artists .

  5. Awesome display .

  6. Stylus comes with tablet .

  7. Can run Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, OpenToonz, and much more!

iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

I am really liking it so far (even though I only use one app for drawing.) It has a lot of potential to being a great tablet for the arts, it just needs more apps for…well art. They have lots of sketch apps, but after shooting my pocket and buying an Apple Pencil I can barely afford a peanut. Most of these said apps require you to buy a subscription to even enable pressure sensitivity or layers in the app. Which can kind of get costly when it isn’t even the best quality.

It can be for indoor and outdoor use! Battery life kind of runs quick but besides that it’s pretty good!

  1. At least 600$ The one I have is approximately 800$ .

  2. Indoor and outdoor use!

  3. Is only compatible with Apple products.

  4. Great for artists, not yet for animators.

  5. 12.9 Display IS great for artists!

  6. Stylus is not included.

  7. Can only run apps that are available in the Apple App Store.

So that’s all I have to say about these two tablets! Now you decide which is the better of the two!

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