Is a special product title on packaging considered the logo?

For example if a toy brand like Nerf, came out with a special Christmas Limited edition of a Nerf Gun, lets say the “Santa Slayer Nerf Gun”. If you design a special “logo” for that, is it called a logo or is there another name for it. Afterall its just a special product from a bigger brand Nerf.

Sorry if I’m overthinking, but not sure if it has a different name, but I did design a special “logo” for something like this and wanted to communicated it properly.

I would not consider what you’re talking about a “logo” per se even though it could be used as a logo and even though there might be considerable overlap in the design of the product title and the design of a logo. I’d consider the product title as a type treatment that is part of the overall package design.

There are many instances of “brand logo” and “product logo”
Dodge RAM:

Just make the effort when you communicate to discern between them.

Hewlett Packard:
HP Spectre:

I’ve heard product logos referred to as a “tag” but there is some risk of ambiguity in calling it that, IMO.

Maybe you are overthinking it, but it’s still a good question.

The word logo usually refers to a symbol that represents an organization, but I don’t see a big problem with extending the word a bit to include product logos, event logos, service logos, etc. I don’t think there’s any precise definition for these things, but it’s probably a good idea to preface the word with a mention of what kind of logo you might be referring to when there’s a possibility of ambiguity.

Microsoft calls them Brand Logos or Trademarks.

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