Is anyone here into gaming?

I was wondering what would be some great pc video games(games which are not directly related to graphic design and not something like kerntype at all) a graphic designer could play for entertainment instead of watching tv shows or doing something else.

Thanks in advance.

I do play pc games. A lot. But I don’t think that is something that you could say “this could appeal to so and so because of what they do”. It’s all about what you personally like. Even within a game you could choose to play in a totally different manner as somebody else, just because you like it that way. I play first person shooters (FPS) as medic or sniper, one friend likes machine guns and close combat, another likes to bomb everything in sight. In Skyrim, I spent hours trekking, exploring, picking flowers: I explored 75% of the map before continuing with the main quest haha; others don’t pay so much attention to side activities, and it’s fine.

I love playing simulation games like Banished, the Anno series, or Cities: Skylines; or roleplaying games as the Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, or Dragon Age. Massive multiplayer also, like World of Warcraft, the Elder Scrolls Online, or Guild Wars 2. The only genre that I don’t really touch much is horror survival (… why the need of extra stress? :yum:)

The thing is, there are so many games out there that all comes down to personal taste. Find what would you like to spend your free time with, and more important, something that will entertain you.

Then, I could offer some suggestions based on that :smile:


Too bad Myst isn’t around any more.
Would be too mundane for gamers these days but the premise and the puzzles were hours of distraction.
The same goes for a game called Caesar III, which was a city builder. A bit of thought had to go into it in order to win.

I also like the older single player FPS games like Doom and Diablo. But the first few times I ventured into online versions of these games I found other players roleplaying their real world fantasies as ambush snipers taking out any player that wandered into their space. Don’t need that BS.

Rather than spend more time sitting in a chair in front of a computer I’d really suggest going outside and exploring nature. It might sound weird to those always on the go but it really helps the mind to slow down a bit and notice the interconnected natural world around you. These days I’d far rather spend more time hiking up the side of a mountain, taking the fishing gear out to a remote Cape Cod beach to watch the sun come up, puttering around in the vegetable garden or going to u-pick places and farmers markets (winemaking is a new hobby) than sitting around getting (more) pear shaped.


Jedi survival stimulates the battlefield

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Nice…I was doing hard juices up until about a year ago. Its very rewarding.

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I’m playing Conan Exiles (PC) right now.


I used to be a huge Delta Force player.

I mean … huge lol :smiley:

I became a Sniper for a squad and we actually had in person meet ups around the country with fellow squad members.

It was kind of insane LOL … but man, I had a blast :smiley:

I haven’t found anything that gave me that thrill since and to be honest I haven’t looked too hard. I spent wayyy too much time on that game.

That said I still love to play little games that don’t take up too much time or effort.

No I do not play Candy Crush. :smiley: I lasted on that for about 100 levels until it became clear you needed to pay in order to continue.

I like playing all the Monster Buster games and Angry Bird Friends on Facebook. That keeps me occupied when I’m bored :wink:


Maybe Hard Juices is more descriptive. Right now I’ve got about 3 gallons of raspberry wine bubbling away. Several weeks ago it was Strawberries. If I felt like going out and buying another fermenting bucket and another case of glass gallons for secondaries, I’d do some blueberries. Today the nice people at the little brew supply store I go to suggested freezing the blueberries anyway, to release the juice, so I still might go pick some tomorrow and start em up next month.
Up to this point it’s only been the grapes off the back fence.

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This is only somewhat true. There are a lot of exceptions. I’ve recently been playing an old video game called Fleet Command that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be interested in if I hadn’t been in the US Navy, and hadn’t specifically worked with a combat information center.

To the point of the OP’s question, I think graphic designers probably appreciate the artwork of games more than the average gamer. There are a lot of GenXers and a few Boomers on this forum in particular, who probably appreciate the artwork of tabletop games. We have some friends coming over tonight to do some tabletop gaming.

I used to make a lot of board games. I’ve made a few turn-based video games too. I thing the graphic design of a game is a huge part of what makes a game fun, especially tabletop games. I thought tabletop games would have been dead by now, but they are alive and well, partly thanks to good graphic design.


As someone who has battled with PC gaming addiction for years I can say to stay away from Rocket League & Ark:Survival Evolved. You will lose large portions of your life to either of those two games :smile:

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I was using 6 glass 1 gallon jugs. i would start 3.After initial Fermentation would transfer them to the empties for 2nd fermentation and start the others. Then rack them in bottles. I was doing a lot of experimenting with store bought bottled juice. My cranberry mango recipe ended up being my signature. Starting from juice was great because it was pretty economical and around in the winter. It was fun !! Give this one a try.

3/4 gallon Ocean Spray 100% cranberry mango
simple syrup from 1cup brown sugar and water heated to just under boiling
Yeast no need to activate the warm syrup does just fine

cheap vodka in the airlock

That’s it primary fermentation 7-10 days and you are ready to drink (about 8%) or send secondary ferment.

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Currently I’m playing Assassin’s Creed Black Flags(found it fun) and FIFA 15(esp. multiplayer). I usually dedicate an hour for gaming everyday to reward myself. I love using trainers too(It feels great to have infinite ammo and all those dope stuff in AC4). I’m not addicted to gaming anymore(Which I was in 2015). What suggestions do you have for me?

I would suggest Deus Ex (either Human Revolution or Mankind Divided), Dishonored, The Witcher 3, or Dragon Age, if you like a story with combat and action. If you have some friends who would like to play, I would also suggest Tom Clancy’s The Division, or Payday 2 (the second one is super fun to play with friends).

And of course, all the AC out there are good games to play, especially ACII, if you want to try it.

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Minecraft is a very creative and intellectual game.

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I usually get 2hrs each night of Ryzom. Launched in 2004 so don’t expect the latest graphics, but for a full world sandbox MMO it is up there. Warning to the trigger-happy; Ryzom is NOT a shoot-em-up although there is plenty of action of you are in the mood. Sometimes I go looking for trouble, explore the map, sometimes I spend some quiet time digging, crafting, sometimes I find a beach, build a campfire and watch the sun so down. Plus there’s an awesome, mature, helpful community.

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For video games I’m still playing Minecraft as my “zen” game to just zone out.

Otherwise, I play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons IRL with friends, and we have a standard Friday night table-top games get together.

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This remind me of my younger days when i was crazy about first person shooter or combat games like Resident Evil, Prince of Persia or Diablo series. Also some strategy games like Transport Tycoon, Command and Conquer, Star Craft and Tiberium Sun etc. Now i only play games on my mobile like Hawk(freedom squadron) to keep myself busy when i get bored.

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I do play different Pc games like PUBG and Fortnite and many other games. Recently, one of my friends told me about the Fifa 19, and also told me to buy from the online store and enjoy playing Fifa19.

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Sorry no links :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to play online and money is involved. You can all look that info up for yourselves :slight_smile:

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Just got a PS4 2 weeks ago because hadn’t been playing games for years. Red Dead Redemption 2 was the best comeback to gaming I could have, it is truly breathtaking and the graphics are awesome! :smiley:

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