Is Canva Pro worths the price?

Is Canva Pro worths the price?

Hello guys, I’m newbie here. My friend referred me a Canva pro deal with awesome discount ($49 for a year) but I’m not sure the expanded features are worth the price or not. Can you guys tell me which are the valuable features of Pro account? :thinking:

I’m marketing freelancer and have quite much design task everyday for couple of clients, and each of my designs often have to be resized to pretty much different size, I think Canva pro can do this. Does it look like Adobe Illustrator helping us create other art board in the same project?

Thank you for the help

I’m not sure you’ll find too many designers here using Canva, Pro or otherwise. It’s template-driven, online makeware.

They don’t make info easy to find on their website.

But you do need the pro version to use any type of “transparency.” What transparency might mean in Canva is open to question.

Downloading anything “premium” requires paying extra for licensing for every individual premium element (which is as it should be, but just be aware of it.)

And when a software won’t tell me whether it supports CMYK or Spot colors, I’m guessing it doesn’t. Oh, wait… found it. Nope, it doesn’t. It tells you to find a CMYK color picker online and custom create your colors within Canva. How inconvenient for you.

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I would agree with @PrintDriver that paying for any downloads that you need is not worth it.

Take this scenario. You’ve designed something in Canva, you’ve spent 3 hours perfecting your design then you decide to save it and use you will need to pay then. They rely on your grief of loosing the artwork. It’s not how things should work.

oh I see, thank you for some kindly research :slight_smile: I’ve been noticing about the colors mode of the work, but it won’t matter much cause I mainly make digital products. However, I will consider your advice carefully. Thank you again!

I heard that pro photos and elements are now all free after you upgrade the account. Anw thank you for the comment :innocent:

Why do I have the feeling you are trying to promote this software.
No one here is going to use it.

You might want to read that part about free again.
Nowhere here ^ does it say the Premiums are “free.” It only says you have access to them in addition to the free stuff. On the download Support page it says if your art includes Premium pieces, you pay the royalty before download.

I’d make a list of questions and contact them before upgrading.
And if you are doing marketing only on digital platforms, aren’t you constricting your income flow? Or is print media someone else’s job?


Canva is like frozen pizza.

You head to the store. You pick the pizza that has the best-looking picture on the box. You buy it, bring it home, maybe add a few more toppings, preheat the oven, pop it in, set the timer and, presto, you’ve got a pizza.

Yeah, the crust is always sort of mealy, the frozen mozzarella doesn’t quite taste right, and the ham and pepperoni don’t look like the photo on the box, but hey, it’s (mostly) edible, it’s convenient and you’re not hungry any longer. Besides, it saved you the few bucks it would have cost to order it from a real pizzeria using real pizza dough and baked in a real pizza oven.

So what does the pro version of Canva offer? A thicker crust and even more processed cheese, perhaps?

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Now I’m hungry for pizza. And not allowed until the weekend.

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Thank you all :slight_smile: I just want to find a tool which can help the design process faster and simpler. Of course I didn’t expect it to be as professional as AI, Indesign, Sketch, etc

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