Is Flash(Animate) Obsolete?

Do people in a professional setting typically use Animate as part of their workflow? Or would you guys say it’s more for people who don’t animate professionally, as more of a hobby? I ask because I had learned how to use Flash a bit in high school(Good ol’ CS6), but it seems like ever since I graduated it’s fallen off the radar.

yes, it was nice 3-4 years ago but now it’s not

Agree with you.

I haven’t used Animate yet, and I’m not sure I ever will. I used Flash a lot too. For web animations, I didn’t think there was a better tool out there.

Now it depends on what you are doing which tool to use. I don’t know what the film industry uses, but I’m sure it’s far more sophisticated than any DTP or web animation. There are so many options now. I’m not sure about 2D animation, but 3D animators can render 2D and make it look better than anything that can be done with a 2D animator. I think TV shows like Simpsons use a combination of both.

As for web animator, the clipart/pre-packaged style animators are taking over. This kind of sucks because all the animations are starting to look the same now. I don’t know what CrashCourse and TedED uses, but it looks pretty good. I like the style of RSA animations. But these are all converted to video, so it’s not the low bandwidth/hi-quality vector animations we got from Flash.

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