Is Helvetica Regular free for commercial use on label design?

Can anybody help me?

Free isn’t the right word, but if you bought a computer application or an operating system or a new computer that came with Helvetica Regular, you almost certainly have a license to use it with that computer or software to design a label.

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Thank you very much!

You can buy the entire Helvetica Family for $999.00.

I know I’ve said this before but Intellectual Property Law needs to catch up on Fair Usage precedents.

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Please see my post in the typography section: “Typographical Fair Usage Standards”.

Retitled “Your Fonts Aren’t Free*” for Linked in. (can I say that? - feel free to erase comment)

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Thank you, you post “Typographical Fair Usage Standards” is really useful. It gave me bigger picture about what I was looking for.

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