Is it a requirement to follow the design process while creating illustrations for apparels and other merchandise?

If there’s a branding strategy is it necessary to follow the design process in order to create illustrations? Is it also necessary if there is no branding strategy at all? Provided the illustrations are going to be printed on merchandises esp. T-shirts and tops.

What kind of design process are you referring to? And why are you thinking it would apply to creating illustrations?

Are you referring to keeping illustrations consistent with an overall branding strategy? If so, I’d say it probably depends on the strategy. I haven’t seen too many branding guidelines that specify illustration styles, but common sense probably dictates that illustrations need to be consistent in personality with everything else or consistent with whatever advertising or promotional initiative the illustration is associated with.

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That’s a pretty vague question. I’d say the answer is yes, no, maybe.

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That’s kinda funny cuz a couple weeks ago I was sent a branding standard package that did specify what kind of images you can use, what illustration style you can use, and a whole appendix of things you can’t say in the copy, with suggested alternates.
It was amazingly thorough, and a couple hundred pages long.

If there is no branding strategy, question why. Even streetwear brands produce art that appeals to a certain clientele, so you could say that it is branded even if there are no branding standards. You wouldn’t be designing little pink manga bunnies for a death metal brand of clothing.

Even a t-shirt place that prints an assortment of different illustration styles still has a client demographic.

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