Is it just me

Hi! I’m new to the forum. Something that I’ve noticed here is that usernames of different people aren’t their real names, while I’ve put my entire name as my username. Is it only me? Is it better if I have a different username?
Thank you!

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:joy: Yes u have to change your username…

Hey Poojana :slight_smile:

I have an online persona … but I’m not all that hard to find if someone is really out to stalk me lol :wink:

I’ve been around a long time and it was always the way to have an online “character” vs your real name. With Facebook’s popularity real names have become more normal.

For a lot of folks here they would just rather remain a bit anonymous vs giving away who they are and some knowing who they work for.

So, it boils down to this … it’s up to you and what you are comfortable with.

No, actually she doesn’t. She can use whatever name she is comfortable with :wink:

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Thank you! I generally have a different username on social media. But when I joined here I thought real names were the way to go. Hmm. I’ll probably change it

Poojana, like RedKittieKat said, you can use whatever name you want. I don’t use my real name because I want to feel free to publicly voice opinions that my employer or clients might disagree with, take offense to or prefer that I didn’t say. Others don’t share these kinds of concerns, so they use their real names.

On places like Facebook, people want to connect with family and friends who know them, so using real names makes sense. The same is true with real names on sites like LinkedIn, where the purpose is to make business connections. On this forum, though, it’s totally up to the forum member. If you want people to know who you are and be able to find you, you can use your real name. If you prefer a degree of anonymity, by using a nickname, that’s totally fine too.


I’ve always been impressed by the number of famous people who’s names are not the ones that they were born with.

It’s almost as if they morph to the culture.

I know I did. And I’ve cultivated my famous persona to have almost zero connection to my real family name.

CBC up here in Canada got the closest to my real name and addy. Fox and Friends didn’t care, AOL didn’t care, not even the Toronto Star.

So after about two years of running under a ‘stage’ name and making a ton of cash I had morphed into a separate ID.

With the exception of architecture … all my creative stuff is dropped under a stage name.

Robert Zimmerman … Bob Dylan
Norma Jeane … Marilyn Monroe

The list is endless … :sunglasses:


Either way it’s fine … as I said, whatever you are comfortable with :slight_smile:

Oh boy that is a loong list. BTW Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson.
My favourite is Marion Morrison who became better known as John Wayne.

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That’s epic!

Funny, ha ha, thing that William Michael Albert Broad wrote a hit single that he wants to be Marion Morrison.

William Michael Albert Broad >>> Billy Idol.

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Personally, I’m paranoid and made sure my user name on here didn’t reveal anything about my real name …


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