Is it plagiarism?

behance work and Paypal logo

I think you need to identify what plagiarism is first.

Paypal famously sued Pandora for similar logo. Similar logos happen all the time. It’s up to the individual companies to take action.

If PayPal felt it was similar they’d let you know.

There are distinct differences between plagiarism and copyright.

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I wouldn’t consider the top one to be a logo, it has so many things wrong with it.
The flattened version might resemble the Paypal logo.
Does it resemble it enough to be a trademark infringement? Maybe, maybe not. A lot of considerations go into what constitutes a trademark infringement. Like what industry both companies are in, what part of the world both companies work in, whether one company or the other’s brand will be diluted by the presence of the other, how rabid a company is about protecting against anything that resembles their mark, etc.

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