Is MacOS Malware? Is Apple spying on you?

This is scary stuff. I’m sure Microsquish does this, also. I forgot to mention that in the video, but it would be nice to get some answers as Apple makes a big deal of being ‘on our side.’


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Pretty ironic given the 1984 commercial. When big tech (all of them) decides to put us in our place (or more in our place), those of us that know how to make mechanicals will be in high demand. Now, where did I stash that rubylith?


It’s already far too late to protect ourselves from this. In America anyway, everyone with even a single connected device in use has already handed themselves over to the entirety of the Internet, whether they know it or not.


It’s stuff like this which makes me wish I could use Linux for design instead of being compelled to choose between Apple or Windows.

Inkscape runs on Linux and Scribus also runs on Linux. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You’re totally right and they’re both great tools, however neither compare to the Adobe suite.

Neither does their price. :laughing:


For lack of a better way of putting it, Linux is just too geeky for use as a standard computer OS for most graphic designers — with or without Adobe software.

I liken Linux advocates to people who build their own computers or do their own automobile maintenance. I’m not knocking Linux; it certainly has its place. Currently, however, that place doesn’t include professional graphic design.

Maybe someday it will. When that someday arrives (if it ever does), it will likely look more like Windows or the Mac OX than Linux, which puts us right back to the same problem — a big company imposing things on us that we might not like. For that matter, it’s already happened. The MacOS is, in essence, a GUI built on top of Unix.

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Yes, that’s me ! :grinning:

Before retiring I worked as an electronics engineer in medical research for 42 years and yes I build my own computers and my own electronic devices, write programs for Arduino’s and build peripherals for my computer.

I also do a bit of graphic design as a hobby for free for local charities and community groups, using Inkscape and Scribus.

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I crossposted this to Reddit and it got deleted. That may feed the conspiracy theory, but it made me wonder - is what this guy saying, really happening? Did anyone actually see the slowdown in performance after installing Big Sur?


This is interesting!!!

Unless I’m looking in the wrong place this guy is the only one I see talking about this. But, then again I don’t follow much Apple news … so that might be the problem :wink:

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