Is the below image possible to turn into a 3D Obj

I used adobe Illustrator to create the above image, but is it possible to turn it into a 3D obj? I want to rotate around in After effect

Any advise would be great,
Look forward to hear from your suggestion


“Turn it into” one? No, for any truly 3D object, you’d be effectively starting over in a dedicated 3D modeling application. And, the percieved self-opposed directionality you put into the lighting on this 2D depcition of adjacent surfaces isn’t possible in 3 dimensions. If the left side of the triangle is behind the right, it can’t also be in front of the bottom, if the bottom is also in front of the right. Cool trick in 2 dimensions; not possible in 3.

That image is a Penrose Triangle, and yes, it is totally possible to do it in 3d.

I wanted to share some youtube videos and Wikipedia links, but links are not allowed… try looking on youtube how to do this in 3d with blender app.

Btw, you can do this in any 3d app and export as obj, then import in AE (but I think you probably need a plugin for it).

Well no; not in any way that is a gain over a 2D version.

Either way it’s an illusion, and a 3D version doesn’t realize the illusion until it’s frozen at a particular angle, so all it’s good for is rendering a static, 2D picture, and as the OP demonstrates, that’s entirely doable without 3D.

@HotButton the question was if the image can be turned into a 3d Obj. And yes, it is. And you can rotate around that also.

Now, what you are talking about is more related to the intention of the work. In this case, it all depends of what @bwan37 is planning to do.

There is a lot of things that you can do by having the object in 3d, and there are also many tricks that can be done in just 2d.

You’re a relatively new forum member. The forum software doesn’t allow new forum members to post links. I’ve boosted your status settings by a notch, so you should be able to post links now.

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Thank you @Just-B! :heart:

@alelepd I am new to making 3D object, and just want to play around with the object while i am at it.

@HotButton thanks so much for your youtube links, give me a lot of inspirational idea.

Thank you so much every one.

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