Is the industry standard still Mac for Adobe CS?

I am back in design professionally after a sabbatical of 5 or so years, and am now using more of the Creative Suite - specifically Pshop, Premiere Pro, Indesign and Illustrator.

Is Mac still what people are generally on, or are PCs now level-pegging? What are people on, and what do they recommend?

Some like Macs. Some like PCs. Some have both.

That’s the standard :wink:

and fair warning to anyone new wandering across this. NO PC vs Mac crapola or we will have to close it.

It’s one of those topics that has been beaten to death year after year :wink:


It isn’t Creative Suite any more.
It’s Creative Cloud.

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Suite/Cloud - potato/tomato, but point taken.

Thanks, all.

There’s a lot of reports that the M1 Chip isn’t playing nicely with the suite of apps.

I’d thread carefully getting a new Mac.

Although you can buy a PC of the same standard as a Mac for much cheaper - you are left to put that PC together, whereas Macs come as they are and it’s what you can afford.

Word to buying a new computer - minimum 32gb RAM.

The only other issue you might encounter would be fonts - not all fonts are cross platform compatible.

If you’re up for it you can build a custom PC/Laptop for cheaper but really should be aware of the way to do this correctly.

or dig deep and buy the Mac.

I use both and there’s really no difference.

Hi all - thanks for your replies. The reason I asked is because my employer is speccing out a new machine for me and wanted my input. I’m on Mac personally but PC at work.

It’s good to see that PCs apparently are now equal, so I will advise that they go with PC (everyone else in the organisation is on PC, so it would make sense so that all the machines can talk to each other).

Many thanks.

It isn’t so much the Mac M1 not playing nicely with Adobe Apps. Adobe got blindsided by the OS11 update and new chip architecture. Or maybe not blindsided, just ‘not ready.’
There are glitches as the OS gets stabilized and the Adobe apps port over. Most of Adobe’s apps are still running on Rosetta translations on the M1, with Photoshop being the most switched over but still a tiny bit buggy.

That said, I’ve been using an M1 at home since last February and can only say things have gotten much smoother. Even the recent Monterey issues are calming down a bit. We just recently fully upgraded a single workstation to M1 (16 Ram) running Monty. So far, it’s okay. A few install things with Microsoft products but it’s all working.

As for the ram issue, The only M1 you can get with 32gigs of ram is one of the laptops or one of the iMacs. You cannot upgrade the ram in any machine you might buy as it is integrated into the M1 chip. In theory, according to benchmark tests, this integration expands the capability of the ram where they are only seeing 3-6 second differences in render processing on a 16 vs 32 Laptop using Premiere with other standard apps open (email, browser, and other adobe apps.) All I care is that it thinks quicker than I do and no spinning beach balls. I’ve yet to see one and I handle some pretty hefty large format digital files when working from home.

We have a mixed shop. Mac on the front end. PC in production. Our clients are on a mixed bag of mac/pc/linux. It’s all about being able to talk to each other.

This isn’t much of a concern unless one has a bunch of old Postscript Type 1 fonts. Adobe will soon be ending support of that old font format anyway.


But still a concern.